Photo: Amy Sinclair, John Doe Gallery

Photo: Amy Sinclair, John Doe Gallery


Simona Prives is an artist, designer and educator. Her artwork has been exhibited in New York City, Chicago, Miami, California, Italy, Greece, China and Japan. She has been awarded residencies in Venice and Luca, Italy, Berkeley, California, Vermont, New York City and Greece. She also studied printmaking at the Scuola Internazionale De Graphica in Venice, Italy.

She currently teaches at Parsons School of Design, New York University and CUNY.


My work is about locating ourselves in the built and natural environments at this particular moment in history. I create physical and digital collages that focus on the process of decomposition and reconstruction, the dialectic of growth and decay, and that examine our complex relationship between the organic and the man-made.

To make each collage, I draw, disassemble and reconfigure maps, geological patterns and industrial imagery to breed new worlds that are at once familiar and abstract. Every artwork combines multiple forms of printmaking, using fragments of screen-prints, monotype and found material to assemble the composition.